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Music CV



Born into a musical family of singers, Zahava has been performing since she was a young girl, delighting audiences at concerts and events in Melbourne, Sydney and the USA. With her soulful folk music she takes her audience on a journey, singing original compositions and a large range of Jewish and contemporary music, inspiring and empowering women and girls of all ages. In harmony with talented friends and family and with a love and passion for creativity, spirituality and song, her performances are unique and uplifting. Zahava treasures the deep meaning music brings to her life and finds joy in sharing and teaching it to others.  


Selected live Concerts/Performances:

2023                     Performance at SEJW Event for women 

2022                     Rosh Chodesh Women's Circle performance 

2022                     Lag Baomer Kumzits, Merkos Women 

2021                      Virtual performance, Chai Elul event, N'shei Chabad Melbourne,

2021                      Virtual performance, Pre-Shavuot event, Jewish Women Circle, Chabad of Bensonhurst, NY USA

2021                      Virtual performance, Challah Bake, Chabad of Coconut Creek, Florida USA

2021                      Virtual performance, Ladies night in, Chabad of Ocean Side, Long Island, NY, USA

2021                      Virtual performance, NorCal Chabad Mega Challah Bake, USA

2021                      Virtual performance, Tu B' Shvat, Friendship Circle Las Vegas

2021                      Virtual performance, Birthday Party, East side Torah Centre, Bellevue, Washington USA

2020                      Virtual performance, Pre-Chanukah event, Chabad of North Fulton, Alpharetta, Georgia

2020                      Virtual performance, Challah Bake, Eastern Jewish Centre

2020                      Virtual performance, Great Pink Challah Bake, Chabad Houses of Greater Washington area USA

2020                      Virtual performance, N'shei Chabad, Simchas Beis Hashoeva

2020                      Virtual performance, Project High Holidays, Unite with Light 

2020                      Virtual performance, N'shei Chabad Convention 

2020                      Virtual performance, Shavuot Spa Time, Hamerkaz Centre 

2020                      Virtual performances; Lag Baomer GELC, Lag Baomer Kumzits Beth Rivkah Secondary

2020                      Purim party, Merkos Women 

2019                       Mother/daughter Bat Mitzvah program performance, Hamerkaz Centre

2019                       Vov Tishrei performance, N'shei Chabad

2019                       Rosh Chodesh Elul performance, Beth Rivkah Primary

2019                       Bat Mitzvah performance, Sydney 

2019                       Kumzits, Merkos Women 

2019                       Pre Purim concert, Merkos Women

2018                       Performance at Sara K concert

2018                       Performance with Bracha Cohney and Liba Susskind, N'shei Chabad

2018                       Lag Baomer Kumzits, Merkos Women 

2018                       Hamerkaz Centre performance 

2017                       'The Feminine Voice' concert with Rivkah Jopseph and Shir Rozzen Koren, Hamerkaz Centre 

2017                       Beth Rivkah concert with Rivkah Joseph and Rivkah Krinsky

2017                       Malvern Chabad  performance with Rivkah Joseph

2017                       Emmy Monash concert with Rivkah Joseph

2017                       Sydney concert with Rivkah Joseph

2016                       Beth Rivkah Lag Baomer Kumzits with Rivkah Joseph 

2016                       Peula Girls Nite In, performance with Rivkah Joseph 

2016                       Challah Bake 2 concert with Rivkah Joseph and Hanna Silver

2016                       Challah Bake concert with Rivkah Joseph and Hanna Silver

2016                       Performance with Rivkah Joseph and Mushka Krinsky at Sara K concert

2016                       Kumzits with Rivkah Joseph, Merkos Women

2015                        Kumzits with Rivkah Joseph, Merkos Women 

2014                        N’Shei Chabad performance with Stera Gutnick and Chaya Hoch

2014                        Performance at Sara K concert

2012                        Performance at Silent Prayer Launch concert, Martins Youth Theatre

2012                        'The Beauty of You', N'shei Chabad women's concert with Rivkah Leah Cylich 

2012                        Pe'ula - Action for Israel, performance with Robin Aron 

2009                       N’Shei Chabad performance with Rivkah Krinsky, New York

2009                       Chabad House performance with Rivkah Krinsky, New York

2009                       Women’s Concert with Rivkah Krinsky, New York

2009                       Emmy Monash performance with Assia New, Stera Gutnick, Sheiny New and Chaya Hoch

2007                       Concert with Rivkah Krinsky, Chabad house, Florida, USA

2002                       Performance at Assia New concert


2017                       'Soul Shining', Debut Album with Rivkah Joseph 

2012                       'Silent Prayer', Group Album with Rivkah Leah Cylich  

Music classes:

2018-2024            Songs and Strings 

2016-2017             Mercedes Dadon Creche

2015                       Singing group

2013-2024             Music Time, Mummy and Me


2020                      Interview on J-AIR Radio with Hanna Baum 

2019                      Interview on The Shtick Tv with Henry Greener

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